Introduction to Nintendo Amiibo

4th Mar 2023

Introduction to Nintendo Amiibo

Are you a fan of Nintendo video games? Or do you just like the games and characters from the company? If so, you might be interested in learning about the amiibo figures introduced by Nintendo. These figures give players access to exclusive content within their games. Amiibo is a toy you can use to play with your favorite game characters.

Nintendo's Amiibo figurines are highly popular with players who enjoy collecting various figurines of their favorite games, characters and movies.

You use them to unlock content in some games. Amiibo can also activate fun interactive features in other games, including an upcoming Mario sports game and a new Kirby game. We'll explain everything about Nintendo Amiibo in this blog so stay tuned till the end!

What is a Nintendo Amiibo?

Amiibo is Nintendo figurines that fit into the toys-to-life category. This series debuted in November 2014, the same month Super Smash Bros. was released on Wii U., It's worth noting that Amiibo's plural form is likewise "amiibo."

Those unfamiliar with toys-to-life games normally entail buying real figurines that can be scanned using a specific technology. Players may utilize this scanning capability to bring the toy into the game, unlocking additional characters and content for use in the game.

Unlike games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, which primarily relied on purchasing multiple figures, Nintendo's Amiibo line does not need players to gather and scan several figurines. Amiibo figurines are used as an accessory for most fun rather than necessary for gameplay.

Besides their gaming capabilities, Amiibo is well-crafted and artistically beautiful, making them a sought-after collector's item. These are a beautiful complement to any game set-up or display shelf because of their appealing appearance.

The Amiibo series gives players a distinctive and dynamic method to interact with their preferred Nintendo games and characters while adding a collectable element to the gaming experience.

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How does Amiibo work?

The mysterious technology of NFC pervades the wonderful world of Amiibo figurines (Near Field Communication). These little figurines include an intriguing NFC chip that covertly connects with your Nintendo game system.

By placing an Amiibo figurine on your gaming system's NFC touchpoint, a mysterious signal is sent to your console, unlocking new, unknown content or astonishing features in your game.

The functions that may be unlocked with an Amiibo are unknown and are decided by the game you're playing.

For example, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, if you utilize a Link Amiibo, you may be endowed with new weapons or costumes. Conversely, use a Mario Amiibo in Super Smash Bros. You may receive access to an eerie new character skin or level, which will baffle even the most experienced gamers.

Some games have a wider range of Amiibo compatibility than others. An Amiibo's arcane powers may provide basic functionality, such as unlocking a special item or power-up.

However, certain games may grant players access to a more robust and extensive Amiibo feature, letting them unlock new game modes or locales and opening up a whole new universe of opportunities.

It is important to remember that Amiibo figurines are not compatible with all Nintendo games. Yet, with new games being launched often and each one veiled in mystery, the number of games that support Amiibo is expanding at an astounding rate.

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Which Nintendo Consoles are Compatible with Amiibo?

Amiibo is a collectible figure first made by Nintendo for the Wii U. However; the platform is compatible with any Nintendo Switch or New Nintendo 3DS. If you own a Mario amiibo from the Wii U period, it will thus also function with a Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, amiibo is not region-locked, so regardless of your Nintendo system, you may utilize amiibo from North America, Europe, or Japan.

The following places sell amiibo scanners for Nintendo consoles that are compatible with them:

  • Wii U - On the GamePad.
  • Nintendo Switch - In the right Joy-Con and the optional Pro video game controller.
  • New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL - In the lower touchscreen.
  • Older Nintendo systems can be made compatible with the addition of a near-field communication (NFC) reader accessory:
  • Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL - Requires a wireless NFC reader (sold separately).
  • Nintendo 2DS - Uses the same wireless NFC reader as the 3DS.

Types of Amiibo

The majority of amiibo are little collectible figurines. However, others take on diverse shapes. NFC cards in amiibo figurines are so tiny that they may fit inside playing cards.

Amiibo is figurines, playing cards, breakfast cereal boxes, and plush toys. An amiibo uses the same RFID technology and performs equally regardless of shape.

Many different kinds of Amiibo figurines are available, each featuring a unique character or design from various Nintendo franchises. Some of the most popular types of Amiibo include:

  • Super Smash Bros. Amiibo - featuring characters from the popular fighting game series
  • Legend of Zelda Amiibo - featuring characters and designs from the iconic adventure series
  • Mario Amiibo - featuring characters and designs from the beloved Mario franchise
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo - featuring characters and designs from the life simulation game
  • Kirby Amiibo - featuring characters and designs from the whimsical Kirby series
  • Splatoon Amiibo - featuring characters and designs from the colorful ink-based shooter game
  • Fire Emblem Amiibo - featuring characters and designs from the tactical RPG series

The ability to acquire exclusive goods, power-ups, characters, and more are provided by each Amiibo's distinctive functionality in games that support them. Furthermore, many Amiibo figures are extremely collectable and sought after by fans of the Nintendo brands they represent.

Amiibo Availability and Rarity

The rarity of each amiibo fluctuates depending on how many Nintendo made. There is a thriving secondary market for used amiibo because many are limited editions.

Gamers, on average, should be fine with amiibo releases, although devoted collectors may keep track of them.

A free unlock for the Mario tuxedo outfit will only be available if you choose not to purchase a special edition Mario figure from the Super Mario Odyssey series. Completing an in-game objective will still allow you to obtain the outfit.

A game will frequently let the player scan any variation of a given character and gain the same bonus. For instance, watching a Super Smash Bros. or Classic Mario amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey grants the same invulnerability advantage as scanning a Mario amiibo from the Super Mario Odyssey series.


Amiibo is a great way to mix your love of gaming with the collectability of physical figurines. They're relatively inexpensive, can be used across multiple systems, and, most importantly, make you feel like you've entered the world of Nintendo. They even go so far as to force you to protect them from harm. Hopefully, this list has helped you understand Amiibo better and inspires you to plunge into collecting them.

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